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to Empowered Patient Advocacy Group.  An Educated Patient is an Empowered Patient and you have made the first step in taking control of your health. It's often said, "Without your health you have nothing!" Unless you or a loved one has faced or is facing a medical crisis or is living with a serious chronic health condition, you may not know how difficult it is to manage our healthcare system until you find yourself in the middle of an industry that does little to none to ensure individual patient care is a priority. We are here to help you! 

The only way to be certain you receive the best care and outcome from your healthcare provider is to find a neutral party to help you navigate our complicated system of providers, diagnostic testing, treatment options, medical bills and insurance. Our group offers non-medical, excellent navigational support for working with medically licensed providers, insurance companies and others with whom your care or the care of a loved one and cost of services must be coordinated.


For some, dealing with a chronic illness or an unexpected serious diagnosis is all-consuming and takes physical, emotional and mental energy that often leaves one feeling defeated. For others, a recent diagnosis may have them in a state of confusion begging answers to many questions of which answers are illusive, obscure and ambiguous. Still yet, our population is aging and many adults are finding themselves caring for aging family members. What do I do now? How do I begin to understand the terminology my doctor is using? What is purpose of all these tests? How do I read my bills and my insurance statements? Are there other treatment options available to me of which I may not be aware? Is there someone who can help me care for my parents? Empowered Patient Advocacy Group, offers support tailored to your needs whether it be on-going assistance or temporary guidance.  


Meet the Team


Pam Neff , BCPA

Originally from south Texas, Pam has called Virginia home for the past 21 years.  She spent over 20 years working in executive leadership in higher education for a fortune 500 company which led her to Virginia in 1998. In 2008, Pam was diagnosed with lymphoma which would eventually lead to a life-saving donor stem cell transplant in 2017. For well over 10 years, she has navigated the complicated medical system in an effort to find effective treatment modalities through both clinical trials and standard treatment therapies. Often, these endeavors would lead to traveling and meeting with doctors across the US and even internationally. With many short and long-term hospital admissions throughout her illness, Pam became very aware of the short-comings within our medical system. With well over $3 million billed for her own health care, she has worked tirelessly with providers and insurance companies to ensure services were billed fairly and in accordance with the Fair Credit Billing Act. She has extensive experience working with and understanding clinical trials and seeking out the best care regardless of where a provider is located. Pam also has extensive experience seeking out financial assistance for specific disease categories in addition to working through Social Security Disability claims. 

Pam enjoys spending her time with her husband and three daughters. She serves on the Parent Ambassador Committee for Kesem National. Pam has been an active member of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society since 2008 participating in fundraising campaigns to advance the cure of blood cancers. She was chosen as one of five patients nationwide to serve as a patient ambassador for the American Cancer Society and Extended Stay America Keys of Hope collaboration. Pam will be sitting for the Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) exam later this year. 


Morgan Weston, RN

As a Virginia native, Morgan has had a successful 20 year career as a registered nurse in oncology and gynecology. In _____, Morgan was diagnosed with breast cancer. She continues to.......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

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Additional Information


Patients are typically classified as one of three: 

1) Those that leave the decisions solely to the doctor and choose to believe the doctor knows everything that is right for them, 2) Those that are in a state of not knowing where to start although they want to have more say in their care but don't understand the diagnosis, terminology or how to navigate the medical system and their treatment plan, and 3) Those that seek out as much information as possible about their diagnosis and take control of their own health which is becoming seemingly more impossible as our health system continues to change and become more complicated to navigate. 

Having been both patients, we have the advantage of viewing the medical system from the patient vantage point.   

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We subscribe to Professional Patient Advocate Code of Ethics


Empowered Patient Advocacy Group's role is to represent the patient and family first and foremost, regardless of their organization's interests. 

Scope of Practice

Empowered Patient Advocacy Group adheres to a strict scope of practice and we work within our boundaries. Other members of the healthcare team should be utilized as needed to meet you, the patient, or your family's demands should they go beyond our scope of practice. 

Full Disclosure

Empowered Patient Advocacy Group will provide to the patient and your family (if involved) a document that fully discloses our role and function as well as fees and services we will perform prior to starting services. A contract outlining the scope of services performed and length of time those services will be in place will be agreed upon prior to the commencement of our services. 


Empowered Patient Advocacy Group will obtain a consent that authorizes us to speak and act on behalf of you, the patient, or your family in health and healthcare matters in accordance with federal confidentiality laws (HIPAA).  The consent will be dated and presented to the patient or on behalf of the patient on each encounter with our group.

Autonomy and Accountability

Empowered Patient Advocacy Group's role is to educate and empower our patient or the family of a love one to make informed decisions in regard to health and healthcare based on the individual wishes and in keeping with cultural, spiritual, religious and ethical beliefs. Our group is held accountable for the work we do on behalf of our patients. 

Continuous Learning

Empowered Patient Advocacy Group understands the ever-changing landscape of our healthcare system. We are committed to continuous learning in order to keep up to date on clinical and financial matters and with trends and advances that impact patient care. 

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Service fees will vary based on needs of patient. Some fees are waived depending on patient financial status. 

Why choose a Patient Advocate?

Patient Advocates Can Save Your Money and Your Life  

What we Cannot do for you

Empowered Patient Advocacy Group does not diagnose, treat, offer medical advice or recommend a treatment plan. We are not a substitute for the consultation and care of doctors and other healthcare providers.  We cannot provide transportation but we can assist you in finding transportation. We provide support, research and information for you, the patient, or the family of a loved one and your healthcare providers to use as necessary. We do not share medical  information with anyone other than whom you have designated. Independent patient advocates are  generally not covered under standard healthcare insurance or Medicare. Always check with your healthcare team before making medical decisions. 


Support those in need

At Empowered Patient Advocacy Group we believe everyone, regardless of income level, should have access to the best healthcare possible. Your donation will support those who cannot afford our services yet would greatly benefit from our support. 

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